Cellular Release Therapy® is a powerful technique used to release and clear all unresolved events, feelings, beliefs, habits, patterns, blame and punishment of yourself and others from any event in a person’s life, no matter when the event occurred. Whether or not you can consciously remember an event is actually not important, because CRT® enables you to access and work with the subconscious mind, which holds all of the memories from all life events.
The first CRT® session is always an assessment of life events, life issues, relationships, and what the client specifically identifies as topics that they would like to resolve. Some clearing may begin in this first session, if appropriate. Subsequent sessions involve updating the therapist on what the client has noticed between sessions and what new things they would like addressed, following by more clearing, as appropriate.
During the actual clearing process, the facilitator asks permission from the client’s subconscious to release and clear all residual charge. This is done by establishing “Yes” and “No” fingers at the start of the session. Once permission has been received, the therapist directs the subconscious mind to clear the charge from the event. This process is not used for memory recall and allows the client to clear residual charge from even the most difficult experiences without having to re-live the experience, which makes it an especially powerful technique for clients with PTSD.
Requirements for a Skype or Zoom sessions include 1) a stable wifi connection, 2) a space with a couch, recliner, or bed to lie down upon that can be seen easily from the camera on the computer, and 3) two hours of quiet time. It is not preferable to use a phone during these sessions as incoming calls may interrupt the session and bring the client out of the deeply relaxed state that is needed for clearing.