About Movement Works

Movementworks is a holistic approach to facilitating change in the body.

We focus on restoring health and preventing injury by finding the underpinning cause of pain and re-educating your body’s sequence of movement so that it feels safe to move.

What makes our approach different is our understanding of how the body moves through space – bones move, muscles react and joints feel. We also understand that pain and dysfunction in the body can originate from emotional trauma, and that individual bodies adapt to the stresses we experience through life.

What to expect

We specialise in soft tissue mobilisation using a variety of techniques suited to each individual. Treatment may be performed while you are standing and moving. We focus on gentle touch techniques and movement, but sometimes deep tissue techniques are appropriate and may be incorporated into a treatment.

Your first visit


During your first consultation, we’ll discuss any health-related issues and concerns. We’ll also need some general information about you, your background, medical history and the nature of your condition. This is so that we can provide the best possible care, tailored to you.

You will have your first treatment during this visit.

Before leaving, you’ll be given exercises to do at home.

You can make a follow-up appointment at the end of your treatment. In acute cases 2-4 treatments are usually recommended. Everybody is different and longstanding conditions may take longer to work with.


“Lucy is an incredible therapist with a mind blowing understanding of the human body. I drive from East Sussex to see Lucy, as I always feel so much better once I’ve had my treatment. Thank you.” AR, East Sussex

“Lucy is a very experienced and gifted practitioner. The craniosacral season was profound and healing. I have not hesitated in booking for another session.” SZ, Australia

“…great therapist, sorted out my shoulder in two sessions.” JH, Kenilworth

“Much needed release of aches and pains after major surgery. Needs are listened to and analysed and appropriate treatment applied.” AW, Leamington Spa

“I came out of my treatment feeling relaxed and pain free. A*** for Lucy she is amazing.” EC, Coventry



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