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Therapies and Techniques

Therapies and Techniques

MovementWorks provides one or a combination of the following therapies, depending on your individual needs.

CranioSacral therapy

This is a deeply effective therapy for rebalancing the body’s inherent movement patterns. It is a gentle, non-manipulative technique using a light touch while you are fully clothed. CranioSacral therapy can help relieve long-standing or chronic conditions and is ideal for unsettled babies.more information

Cellular Release Therapy

Cellular Release Therapy is a gentle permission based technique that enables the release and clearing of trauma held in the body. It can be used to clear unresolved events, feelings, beliefs, habits and patterns. this process is not used for memory recall so it is particularly useful for clients with PTSD. This work can be done remotely from the comfort of your own home via zoom or Skype.

Deep tissue massage

The benefits of massage are well documented and all kinds of massage techniques are used to help facilitate change. We work with deep tissue techniques or sports massage, active release techniques, muscle energy techniques, trigger points and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation  (IASTM).

Online appointments via Skype or Zoom

Virtual appointments employing movement and rehabilitation strategies to help you experience a pain free life. These are practical sessions to help you move away from pain and regain confidence in your body.

The Dorn method

The Dorn method focuses on normalising leg length discrepancy and balancing how the body feels with gentle joint compression techniques. It also provides self-treatment exercises to do at home.

Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic therapy uses a muscle testing to understand compensations being held in the body. A gentle approach is used ascertain overworking and underworking ares before helping them balance. Home correctives are prescribed to compliment this work.

Pilates and movement